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The Band

SKERMISH are a three - piece group who enjoy playing together, creating  joyous and driving folk dance music for all comers and any abilities. 


Caller / Melodeon 

Chris is the 'Jewel' in our trio - the Caller and Melodeon maestro - and actually a 'Jewell'!

Chris has performed across Europe under many guises (mostly legal) and in several bands.

He is also the dab hand at administering foot pedally stuff which creates the sounds of a guitar and percussion.

(This saves on the probability that another slew of 'musicians' get lost in the lanes of Britain)

His other job on earth includes  messing about in pianos and tuning them so they work proper. He is a well known figure in sitting rooms across  Devon, fettling with hammers and wire....




Sue provides the panache and tunefulness of the music whilst keeping the youths (if only) in the band in order !

Another  annoyingly versatile and accomplished multi instrumentalist, it has been noted that her turns across the floor doing this sort of dancing are up with the best. Sue's dark passion involves collecting old t shirts to make 'stuff' from her  home art studio . Look after your apparel, Sue may be stalking it......

DSCF3563 (2).jpg


John provides a driving musical thrust to the rhythm of the music, and is known to become a little silly onstage.....

Having started playing B.I. (Before Internet) and graced at least one previous folk dance band of well know reprobates, he claims to be 'normal'!?

Previous employ saw him fettling faders for the musical alumni of the folkie world++

Unknown to those outside his close bloodline, he is a 'cow whisperer', as many a herd can attest too throughout the pastures of the U.K.


MILO is our trusty Music Interface Logical Organiser (what sort of name is that -ed?!) - thrusting rhythmic guitar and percussion backing for you to bounce, tap or nod to  whilst careening across the floor.

We also enjoy its topical conversations and sprightly engagement...

A marvel of its time and used deftly by our melodeon maestro 


MILO has no website ; )

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