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Stuff to impress and help influence you...


(Constitutes 3 musicians, (and Drums and Guitar loop station) P.A., some lighting, and fuel within Devon)
On earth there is a thing called 'money' in a 'currency' which we accept for a 'payment' for our critical services.
This notional 'fortune' helps keep the group from having to earn a proper wage doing something useful, (really? ed) somewhere else. Phew!
The WEEKEND (FRID/SAT) show rate starts from a cosy figure of about £650.00, a position that entices us to dig deeper into your proposal and clambers ever upwards depending on the time of the eclipse and how many of Elon Musk's 'Starlink' satellites are traversing the skies overhead... WEEKDAY rates start at a level of about £450.00, that seems appropriate for do's at weird times and are as variable as 'el nino'..... 
Do please e-m or call to ascertain the current state of play and if the swallows are back....
Payment - We ask for a deposit of 15% up front, so as to be in a position to force fuel into vehicles and keep the date available. Full payment can be arranged for the day by BACS or BEFORE the show in cash or bank transfer.


The Show

Some little things that help us make the evening go really well.....
Parking -
We are commonly known to use vehicles to arrive at the allotted destination and enjoy the heightened rush of knowing we are able to unload the equipment (and us) in the approximate area we are to perform. Though not overly burdened by pantechnicans of dubious technical gubbinry, we are unable to afford 'roadies' to do the lifting and carrying, so we all get stuck in. Quite simply- the nearer to the stage the better - and also a parking space (or two) nearby.
Gosh its nice to eat! and if at all possible somewhere handy and at sometime during any 'time outs' that may occur mid event. We have no issues with eating anything - we are very happy to lower our self allotted standards to whatever the guests are being fed - but do warn us if its Tripe!
We are also partial to a beverage of some sort, possibly a keg of beer or a rain barrel of're
Lording it above the combatants - sorry dancers - is always a genuinely acceptable thing for us to do - if there is a stage of some sort available, feel free to wheel it out and poke it in a corner for us to prance about on.
A trestle table (6ft) and three chairs also complements our heightened position - certainly helps with the need to play bending double.......

As noted we travel with sensibly proportioned sound system which means we can always be the loudest people in the room - not so loud as to scare the bats, but so combatants  - sorry, again, dancers can hear whats being oh, so, delightfully asked of them.....
Being a group of friendly musos we accept we are a bit part in the play being writ large before us, but sometimes we enjoy glimpsing each other across a dimpsy stage and being seen as well as heard - so, if you have venue lighting available, feel free to abuse it in our direction - we do have (and usually) bring some lightbulbs, but there's nowt like a bit of front and top to make the hair shimmer more robustly.
Clearly it is deemed essential for us to bound up somewhere at an allotted hour. We are accepting that every event has a natural flow, and 'stuff' happens to complicate any set times, but a start time, how and when we can do much of the above, and how long you would like us to perform for are jolly handy.
Start and (notional) finish times helps us with how to carry out some basic tasks - like driving and sleeping......


Guest footwear

High heels and large format soles are noted as being either ankle breakers, or distinctly average for swinging deftly across the floor with or too an allotted partner - feel free to suggest to the entourage that some flat soled 'pumps' 'trainers' or suchlike, will invest a spectacularly better and  epic evening for them (we say!)
As noted above, unless you are in the fortunate position of owning all the guests, things quite often run a little awry as far as timings go - no problem for us (though useful if its on the same day) Keep us informed and we will happily fit into whatever schedule is being made up as the event progresses..... 


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